Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions, helpful tips and resources.

Available Products

Most products found and sold om my site are PDF printables.  They are “do it yourself” and are downloaded or emailed for you to use.  Once downloaded,  you have the option of to either print them at home or take them to your local printer for printing.

What type of software and tools do I need?

You will need a working computer , inkjet or laser printer (optional), and the latest Adobe Reader® software to read and print your new PDF files.

You can download the latest Adobe Reader ® software for free at www.adobe.com

What are text editable files?

Files that are labeled as text editable have text field boxes.  Using  Adobe Reader® software you are able to personalize the following:

Text – Font & alignment
Font – Color, size & style

Once I develop some text editable files such as calendars, I will add a tutorial on how to achieve the correct end results.

Will your printables work on my Mac computer?

I create all my printables using a Mac computer that I absolutely LOVE.  My printables work on both PC and Mac Platforms.  Make sure to open PDF’s using Adobe Reader® and not Mac’s default Preview.

My Mac computer opens the PDF in Preview.  How do I get it to open in Adobe Reader®?

Mac’s have preview as  a default to open downloaded pdf’s.  This however will not work for my printables.  To properly view and print my printables, do not double-click on the file to open, instead launch Adobe Reader® – click on FILE > OPEN > and select the downloaded file.

Can I edit your printable files and freebies?

No you may not.  All of our files are password protected and content and design elements can not be extracted in any way, including the use of image or text editing programs such as Illustrator or Photoshop.  You may not add text to any of our freebies either, unless they are made text editable in which you have the option to enter text into assigned text fields only.


All designs, illustrations & images found on SPT are copyright© Sweet Paper Trail.  All files are for personal use only.  You may not make any profit from my digital pr printed files wether or not they are free or purchased files.  { continue to terms of use page }

{ Disclaimer }

Colors are not guaranteed.  SPT is not liable for color results &/or printing results.  Monitor and printer configurations differ from household to household as well as at your local print shop.  COLORS MAY DIFFER.  Please be aware that SPT is not liable for final printing results.  Please take into consideration that results may vary before purchasing any product.

Order Cancellations and Returns

Once the order has been placed successfully no cancellations, refunds or exchanges are accepted.  ALL SALES ARE FINAL!


Payments for anything purchased on SPT website are accepted using Pay Pal.  You do not have to register and are able to complete a purchase by signing in as a guest.

Personalizations and Proofs

Personalized items have a turn around period of ‘about’ 3 days.  Files will be emailed once completed to the provided email.  I do not provide proofs for personalized items unless previously agreed upon.  This cuts down on delivery time and assures you will receive your printable pdf’s in a timely manner.

I Did Not Receive My Printables!

Please make sure to check your spam folder and the email you have provided is correct.  If you still can not find the source of delay, please send me an email to quickly resolve the problem.

Printing Tips

For optimal results, please follow the tips shared below:

Paper – We highly suggest the use of a matte photo paper, although not necessary, it will make the results of your printables much more vibrant.

Printer Settings – Make sure to disable the ‘Shrink to Fit’ option for your printer and that the setting in page scaling be set to 100%.

White Border – If you find that an unwanted white border around your printable, you may set your printers setting to ‘Borderless’ to print actual size.

Color Fix – We always suggest that you do a test run on at least one page of your printables.  That way you may play with your color fix options to your printer.  Sometimes with the color fix on he results may come out better than without.  This does depend on the type of printer, so we ask for you to TEST to achieve desired results.

Printing Selected Pages – When printing a printable that comes in 1 pdf, if you would like to print only a particular page, you need your printer settings to state the pages you would like printed and the quantity as shown below in the image.

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 7.43.06 AM