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Cookbook DIY – New Printables and a Recipe

Cookbook DIY

My mother was great in the kitchen.  She could cook up a storm I tell you.  Actually my family comes from a restaurant background, so cooking at home has always been a family staple.  It only seems natural that I would have a bunch of handwritten recipes and cookbooks laying around in my kitchen, not to mention all those fabulous Pinterest finds.

Last year my husband and I decided on making a family cookbook.  We wanted to take old family recipes and create one stunning cookbook.  I had seen those fabulous hardcover bound books and thought it would be a great idea, so I started getting all my recipes together to sit down and create our family cookbook.

Little did I know, there would be a issue.  You see, I get recipes all the time, and there is many that I forget about and remember come the holidays.  I can’t create a cookbook to later realize that my favorite chocoflan recipe was not added.  That’s when I decided to design and create my own.



I headed out to the store and bought myself another 3 ring binder.  This way I could add, edit or remove a recipe from my collection at any given time.

cookbook diy


I also purchased a big box of clear sheet protectors, that makes it real easy to wipe clean if anything were to splash onto the pages while cooking.




When I was done creating my cookbook, I loved it so much I decided to create new printables so anyone can create their very own family cookbook.


recipe binder


The printable pages were very thought out.  They are not only super cute but they are also very functional.


cookbook dividers


I have included Divider pages and tabs, and left the back of the recipe sheets blank so you can add a picture of the recipe or a printout.



This fabulous Recipe Cookbook Diy Kit is now in my shop and includes the following:

  • Recipe Cover Sheet
  • Divider Sheets :
    1. Starters
    2. Main Dishes
    3. Sides
    4. Treats
    5. Notes
    6. Salads and Soups
  • Recipe Sheet
  • Notes Sheet
  • Tab Divider Sheet
  • Tab Divider Guide
  • Kitchen Measurement Conversion Sheet
  • Grocery & Meal Plan Sheet

Recipe binder Diy



***** Bonus Surprise *****  And last but not least, something NEW to SPT.   I have made additional pdf’s included in the kit that are editable!


Fill in - editable recipe page - cookbook


Editable PDF Sheets included are as follow:

  • Recipe Sheet
  • Divider Sheet
  • Tab Sheet

That means that if you want to add another tab that says beverages for instance, you can create it as well as its corresponding divider page and fill and print the recipe sheet.

Let’s go over some FAQ’S:

  • Tabs // To create your tabs you can either use the ones that are pre-made or create your own using the fillable pdf.
    1. Print and cut out tabs.
    2. Fold each tab in half.
    3. Print tab guide and follow directions
    4. Use clear packing tape over the entire tab.
  • Fill-in or editable PDF’s // To create your own tabs/dividers or filled in recipe sheets, you need to open pdf using Adobe Reader.  If you do not have Adobe Reader, you can download it for free here.  {Download Adobe Reader}
  • Blue text box shown in editable sheets is temporary just as a guide to show you where you can type.  The blue box does not print.
  • Editable pages can not be saved filled out.  They can only be printed.
  • Font on editable pages is Helvetica.
  • The planner is designed to be printed on standard, letter sized 8 1/2″ x 11″ size paper.
  • As far as paper goes, for maximum quality, you want to pick a heavier paper for added stability and no show-through.
  • Printing // There is no way for me to be able to help you with your printing issues unfortunately. I do have some suggestions though.  Printing from Adobe Reader will produce the best results with the options “Fit” and “Auto Portrait/Landscape” selected.
  • So sorry but currently I do not have the printables in other sizes, nor do I offer them printed.
  • Spiral Bounding // As an Idea, you can also choose to have your Cookbook spiral bound at your local print shop.  Check out my spiral bound planner.


 I am all about learning new things.  After all you can’t be over educated.

I am starting something new at the end of each of my posts.  I will be adding a little “Did You Know” on something I have learned about recently.

Since today’s post is about food, I will stick to the subject….

The Organic Food Hype

There is nothing like fresh Organic ingredients.  I mean if you ask my family, growing up, all food was organic.  Little chemicals or pesticides were used in farming and we rarely washed an apple after grabbing it from our tree at home.  These days I hear of all of the toxic ingredients in our non-organic food supply and I am floored.  54 Pesticide Residues have been found in conventional strawberries, 54!

9 Known or Probable Carcinogens
24 Suspected Hormone Disruptors
11 Neurotoxins
12 Developmental or Reproductive Toxins
19 Honeybee Toxins

 (Source : whatsonmyfood.org)

So is it just a hype?  Now I don’t know about you, but I will not be feeding my boys junk knowingly!

Do you buy Organic Produce?  Do you have a family cookbook?

Mango lemonade Recipe

Mango Lemonade Recipe

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